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MiniEight and MicorEight
& MicroEight
These figure 8s have side ears that let you easily vary the friction,

OmniBlock Single 1.5
Universal Focusing Object.


In the early '90s Rock Exotica designed the original version. It had the unique huge anchor hole and 4 smaller holes and was scalloped around the profile to save weight (and it looked very cool).

The original had to be thick because it used 6061 alloy, like most of the current competition, to lower cost.

Later we made the original rigplate for a big European company and it became known as the Paw. It became ubiquitous and spawned a host of copies around the world.

The only suggestions we ever heard concerning the original was that 5 holes would be better (so one would be in the center) and that it would be nice if it could be lighter. Both of these improvements are in the new PentaPlate.

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Solo Belay Devices

Rock Exotica Solist



Rock Exotica Soloist Belay Device



Rock Exotica Soloist Belay Device

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