In the early '90s Rock Exotica designed the original version. It had the unique huge anchor hole and 4 smaller holes and was scalloped around the profile to save weight (and it looked very cool).

The original had to be thick because it used 6061 alloy, like most of the current competition, to lower cost.

Later we made the original rigplate for a big European company and it became known as the Paw. It became ubiquitous and spawned a host of copies around the world.

The only suggestions we ever heard concerning the original was that 5 holes would be better (so one would be in the center) and that it would be nice if it could be lighter. Both of these improvements are in the new PentaPlate.

Fitness Training - Fat Grips

The ultimate pull-up grip

Caution: This equipment can give a more vigorous workout than occurs with conventional exercise. They are NOT for people just starting an exercise program. They are for people already in good condition who want a more extreme workout, those who know that the best results come from the hardest work. People who think exercise should be easy and devoid of sweat and who choose a gym based on its juice bar will not like FatGrips.

FatGrip Pull Up Handle

FatGrips use a large diameter (2") rotating grip that forces your grip and forearms to work much harder than they do with a conventional pull-up bar.

The swivel allows you to orient them as you like for pull-ups, chin-ups or anything in between.  The swivel action increases the difficulty because you have to hold them in the orientation that you want, recruiting stabilizer muscles.  And unlike rigid bars, the swivel action doesn’t cause harmful torque on your joints.

Besides pull-ups, etc., you can also use them with hanging straps for some exercises similar to those done with rings.  You can also attach them to cable machines for rows and more.

Construction:  FatGrips are machined from heat treated aluminum alloy in-house on our CNC machining and turning centers.  The grip is North American hardwood, either maple, birch or ash.  While wood is much more expensive than plastic or metal, it feels much nicer in use.

Easy to hang up:  Put the swivel over a bar, clip to a loop of rope/webbing, or hang from straps.

Start slow:  If they are too hard, rest feet on ground or use resistance bands to take off some of your weight, reducing these aids as you progress.

Can You Hang?  Just hanging from them is a good workout for your grip.  It helps to imagine horrible consequences if you fall off, like falling into a pit of hot lava or having to listen to an insurance salesman (to all our insurance salesman customers – sorry!)

You can also try hanging one-handed.  Most people cannot do this.

The FatGrip


X10: $100.00 per pair


The FatGrips in action at a recent climbing competition: