Products that are manufactured and sold by Rock Exotica LC should only be used by trained professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced. Rock Exotica LC is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of the equipment.

Adequate training and judgment are needed to mitigate the risk associated with the use of the equipment.

• These activities are inherently dangerous and carry a significant risk of injury or death that cannot be eliminated.

• It is the user’s responsibility to obtain specific training and to use it safely. These instructions DO NOT tell you everything you need to know.

• Do not use unless you can and will understand and assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage/injury/death that may result from use of this equipment or the activities undertaken with it.

• Any device is subject to failure. Carefully check before and after each use.

• You must always have a backup. Never trust a life to a single tool.

• Everyone using this equipment must be given and thoroughly understand the instructions and refer to them before each use.

• You must have a rescue plan and the means to implement it. Inert suspension in a harness can quickly result in death!

• Do not use around electrical hazards, moving machinery or near sharp edges or abrasive surfaces.

• We are not responsible for any direct, indirect or accidental consequences or damage resulting from the use of our products.