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The MiniEight features side ears that let you easily adjust friction and accommodate a wide range of rope sizes. Additionally, the side ears make it easy to tie off. The attachment hole has a rubber gasket that fits tightly to your carabiner. We use 7075 aluminum, which is harder and will last longer than cheaper alloys commonly used in other figure 8’s.

Part#: F1
MBS: 14kN
Weight: 2.1 oz (60 gm)
Height: 3.6” (92 mm)
Width: 3.2” (82 mm)
Max Rope Dia. (Single Rope): 13 mm
Max Rope Dia. (Double Rope): 10.5 mm

Descenders Technical Notice (.pdf)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For information go to:

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Excellent Design, Functions well on small ropes

Long time climber, but relatively *new* to the Rock Exotica brand.

I changed it up a bit, and started a few different canyoneering projects. As I immersed myself more heavily into canyoneering (...and thus wet single strand rappels on 8mm rope...), it became obvious that I needed a new descender...

Over the course of several months, I ran through all the obvious choices... Several of them worked, "well enough" yet I was never quite 100% satisfied...

I was able to grab a last minute spot on a trip with a long, dicey rappel... (wet, multiple overhangs and ledges, even federally protected birds nests...)

Anyway, I figured I would just z-rig one of my existing devices. Fortunately, I found the last Mini8 hanging on the wall of a local shop. I nabbed it, and headed to the local crag to see if I could become comfortable with it in short order. (I usually try to, "play" with anything new for awhile before breaking it out a trip.)

It functioned perfectly for me at 175 lbs (yeah, I know...) on 8mm static rope. Note up front that the hole for the carabiner is relatively small and precludes using a whole variety of lockers (best to grab a new biner when you are getting this).

This is probably the easiest device to add incremental levels of friction that I've used with 8mm ropes. In addition, you can do so confidently as there is just the right amount of protrusion to keep the rope from inadvertently, "jumping out" while rappelling.

It's super lightweight...

Cons: Of course, it gets really hot (that energy has to go somewhere) as there isn't as much metal as a traditional 8, pirana, critr, hoodoo, Etc.

The rubber gasket is a nice touch, but it can make for a tight fit. Be careful not to drop it in the drink when your fingers are cold and it's dark and you're trying to unclip.

I hope they offer it in some vibrant colors so I have an easier time finding it... Be safe, have fun.

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